The Gospel of Mark

The Ministries of the Risen Savior

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Mark 16:9-20

Sunday Morning Worship, March 16, 2014 Pastor Michael DeLeon

Testimonies of the Resurrection

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Mark 16:1-8

Sunday Morning Worship, March 2, 2014 Pastor Michael DeLeon

The Burial of Jesus

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Mark 15:43-47

Sunday Afternoon Worship, Febuary 23, 2014

The Death of Christ

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Mark 15:33-41

Sunday Morning Worship, Febuary (...)

Jesus at the Cross: Mark 15:21-32

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Delivered to the Cross: Mark 15:1-15

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As we come to chapter 15 of Mark's gospel, we witness the shocking spectacle that passes for a trial. The Jewish leadership are out to destroy Jesus and, although Pilate knows he is innocent, he cannot afford the political backlash coming at him from the people. But in the end, it is Jesus who willing goes to the cross.

Denying the Savior: Mark 14:66-72

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In what is perhaps one of the apostle's darkness hour, Peter's testimony of failure in denying the Lord Jesus is a serious warning to each of us. What was it is Peter's life that led him to deny the Lord? Listen us as Pastor De Leon explains in this message in Mark 14.