Growth Point Minute #1

As a believer, you can live for God today. Listen below to find out how:

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15th Anniversary Celebrated

Yesterday, September 11, my family and I celebrated 15 years of being (...)

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Continue In Prayer

“Continue in prayer…” – Colossians 4:2

In the Sunday morning (...)

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Family Devotions in Colossians 3:1-4

To prepare for next Sunday’s morning message, take time with your family today to discuss Colossians (...)

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What is the Gospel?

I was recently reading in the Bible in Romans chapter 1 and came across the apostle Paul’s discussion (...)

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“And I Will Be Found of You”

Having nine children, there have been plenty of times when our youngest ones would enjoy blowing bubbles (...)

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Hotdog and Chili Fellowship

What’s In A Hotdog?

Anyone who has seen a video of how hotdogs are made probably do (...)

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Creation Debate

More Than Just a Debate About Creation and Evolution

The creation debate between Ken Ham, president and CEO of the Creation Museum and well-known television (...)

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