Watch Today’s Sermon Online

While we are not having in-person services this week due to the recent developments concerning the coronavirus outbreak, I do want to encourage you to take time to worship the Lord today. Spend time praising Him in song and praying for one another. Then head over to lighthousebaptist.online.church to watch the Sunday Morning message entailed, Remedies for Worry & Fear (you may also stream the audio on your podcast app of choice at LBC Sermons or at lighthousebaptist.life/sermons2). I am praying that the Lord will use it to help free us from the trap of anxiety so many of us struggle with–especially during this time.

Remember to be a blessing to someone this week by text or a phone call. And keep up to date with our plans for church services at lighthousebaptist.life/covid-19-updates.

Praying for an amazing Sunday!
Pastor De Leon

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