Recents Sermons

How we can live Christ's Wisdom by being a doer of the Word.
We consider the pathway to Living Christ's Wisdom. *Please note the first 20 minutes were not recorded.
In this message we consider the importance of rejecting the world's philosophies.
We explore how we can live out Christ's Witness, despite our inabilities.
In the 2nd message of our Simply Jesus series, we explore 1 Corinthians 2:2 and learn what it means to see others through a Gospel Grid.
Sunday Morning Worship | July 16, 2017 Pastor Michael J. De Leon
How do you respond when confronted about your sin? Consider the pathway of the repentant, as we examine King David's responses when his sin was confronted.
How do we respond when confronted with our sin? Do we have a humble attitude? We explore the pathway of the unrepentant as illustrated by the life of King Saul.
As we begin our Simply Jesus theme, we consider how that Jesus is our everything.